Our men and women in uniform represent the best this country has to offer, and it is because of their service that we may continue our American way of life. Their sacrifice in the name of freedom represents an unwavering dedication to this country and the principles and rights enshrined in our founding documents that make it the most free and prosperous nation on Earth.

It is our obligation to stand up for those who have served our country, and I believe that there is nothing more important than ensuring that our men and women in uniform receive the benefits that they have earned once they return home.

I was proud a sponsor of the Vulnerable Veterans Housing Reform Act, House-passed legislation that will ensure that severely wounded veterans are not prevented from accessing housing because of the cost of the care they receive for their injuries. It eradicates bureaucratic red tape by exempting any expenses related to a veteran’s aid and attendance benefits from consideration of income by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). I was also proud to see the Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Education Improvement Act, a bipartisan bill that I introduced with my colleague Rep. John Delaney in an effort to improve the education and career training benefits for veterans, pass the House this past year. This legislation authorizes the Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Education, which is composed of veterans and experts in the fields of education, labor, and management, and includes veterans’ representatives from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, post-Vietnam, and the Gulf War, through December 31, 2015, and expands the makeup of the Committee to include post 9/11 veterans.

I will continue to support those who have given up so much to protect our freedoms. I encourage veterans in the 16th District to use my office as a resource, and check our website for information regarding workshops and events for veterans in and around Northeast Ohio.

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