The negotiations with Iran

As you may know, the administration is in ongoing negotiations with Iran toward a final agreement that would put restrictions on its nuclear program in return for economic sanctions relief. 

This past week, the Senate passed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act by 98-1. This legislation does three things:

1) It provides transparency by requring the president to submit to Congress the text and any details on a final agreement with Iran.

2) It provides oversight by preventing the administration from suspending any sanctions on Iran while Congress is reviewing the deal, and allows for Congress to have the opportunity to vote to approve or disapprove the deal.

3) It holds Iran accountable by requiring the president to certify to Congress every 90 days that Iran is in compliance with the agreement.

This bill is expected to come to the House of Representatives for a vote in the coming days, and I want your input.

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Should Congress have the opportunity to review any final agreement with Iran?
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