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Good Evening,

Wanted to flag my  Tax Day workshop I am hosting on Monday, April 16th from 9:30 A.M. – 10:30 A.M. at the Medina County Public Central Library (Meeting Room A). My hope is that this event will provide taxpayers with info and resources to resolve any tax issues they may encounter while complying with the IRS. The event will not include assistance with completing 2017 returns but will provide a list of free-file locations. I hope to see you there. 

Media Mashup

Earlier this week, I joined the hosts of Morning Joe to talk about our nation’s debts and deficits.  As a Congress, we should be voting to set our children and grandchildren up for success, such as growing our economy and putting more money back into Ohioans' pockets.  Being fiscally conservative, it's important to provide a platform to discuss important legislation on a national scale. Watch my segment here.

I also joined my pal, Stuart Varney, on Fox Business to talk about my mission to modernize the IRS.  Watch my segment here.

Finally, as we welcomed the President to Cleveland last month, I wrote an op-ed about the importance of making infrastructure a priority as Ohio's roads and bridges are desperate for an upgrade. Read the article  here

Washington Wrap Up

Reforming our tax code is just the first step to upgrading our tax system in the United States. On Wednesday, my Ways and Means Committee focused on marking up tax legislation that will modernize the IRS to stay up to speed with the technology of the 21st century. These dozen bills will better serve and protect taxpayers, including three of which that are mine.

Thursday morning, I questioned the Director of the Congressional Budget office on why we choose to spend more than we bring in. Total revenue in our country went up 66% in the last year, which is great. But we also spent 80% more than the previous year.  We must get our debts and deficits under control now so the burden does not fall on our children and children down the road.

I also conducted another successful Bipartisan Working Group meeting this week, this time discussing the Fiscal State resolution and the drivers of our debts and deficits. This issue is very close to me and Ohioans, who have to live every day within their means and prioritize dollars.

District Doings

My district office had the honor of listening and recording some of our district's Veterans that served in the Vietnam and Cold Wars. These recordings are then sent to be preserved at the Library of Congress. If you are a Veteran that was unable to attend last week's event and wish to record your story for the Library of Congress, please contact my Parma office at 440-882-6779 to schedule an appointment.

As always, thanks for allowing me to represent the 16th district in our nation’s capital.

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