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This week, President Trump, the White House, and Congress welcomed French President Macron to Washington, as he spoke to Members of Congress. My office was also able to welcome the Mayor of Wadsworth and her family.  As a former Wadsworth Mayor myself, I'm always excited at the chance to spend time with someone as passionate about the city as I am.

Washington Wrap Up

On Wednesday, I was able to welcome NORPAC to my office to talk U.S.-Israel issues. We discussed the dangers Iran poses to Israel and other countries in the Middle East, as well as legislation to further strengthen our economic and strategic relationship.

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization came by my office this week to talk about hospice care-related issues. We discussed legislation to ensure the disposal of unused opioids at hospice centers to prevent their diversion and distribution into our communities. Surprisingly, under current law, hospice staff have no legal authority to dispose of these unused opioids.

CommQuest Service, a not-for-profit agency that provides addiction recovery services to thousands of individuals in Northeast Ohio, also met with my staff this week. They discussed the effectiveness of legislation in Ohio – and proposed legislation at the federal level – to limit initial prescriptions for opioids for acute pain to limit the risk of addiction. Numerous studies have shown that longer prescriptions are associated with increased risk of addiction. I have introduced legislation modeled after Ohio’s 7-day limit, which includes reasonable exceptions for chronic care, cancer treatment, and other necessary circumstances.

My staff also met the founder of Hope United, a local organization seeking to build Northeast Ohio’s first relapse prevention wellness center. He shared the story of how opioid addiction has personally affected his family and how this motivated him to create an organization to help others combatting addiction in Northeast Ohio. I look forward to the opening of this center and the positive impact it will have on residents of the 16th District.

District Doings


Each time my office has the honor to share a Veteran's story, we learn so much from their experiences. This week, my office had the pleasure of speaking with Gil Goldberg at the SBA Cleveland office, where he is the District Director.

He was an integral part of keeping up the morale of the troops in Vietnam; he wrote a newspaper called the Seahorse Gazette for the 36th Engineer Battalion. This newspaper would cover updates of the battalion including “Officer of the Month.” It also included sections that covered topics such as “R&R or where should I spend my vacation” and comics to give the tired troops a good laugh. For the “short timers” or those who had 30 days left in their service, Gil would always include a countdown page where they could cross off or color in the days that had passed.

Gil remembers his duty fondly, feeling grateful for his role in Vietnam and for returning home in one piece. Gil believes everyone should serve his or her country, as his service taught him life lessons that cannot be learned in a classroom.

If you are a Veteran and wish to record your story for the Library of Congress, please contact my Parma office at 440-882-6779 to schedule an appointment.

As always, thanks for allowing me to represent the 16th district in our nation’s capital. 

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