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Good Afternoon,

We had another week of late late votes and early morning meetings but I am glad to be heading back to Ohio for some Tina prepared meals and care.

This week I was able to speak on the House floor in support of volunteer firefighters. We were debating the Department of the Interior’s 2019 budget, and I’m glad that I was able to push for a $2 million reallocation of funds to strengthen support for rural fire departments reliant on volunteer forces. As a former volunteer firefighter, I am proud to support these individuals who put their risks at risk in service to their communities.

I also spent some time at the White House, talking to the President about what I am hearing and seeing all across Ohio. Small and large businesses alike are benefiting from lowering the corporate rate, which I fought to make permanent. Certainty and predictability are essential to making our economy strong, which is why we must provide that same stability to the individual tax rate, to help families all across America. It is unfortunate that because of Senate rules we could only make the corporate rate permanent and not the individual rate, however, I am glad to see our commitment to permanency should become reality come September.

See last month, The Labor Department confirmed that 600,000 Americans came back into the workforce. That’s a city the size of Cincinnati and Toledo combined coming back to work, showing us that tax reform is working, and Americans are finally seeing more opportunities.

Now we must make sure our workers are prepared for the changing employment demands. Especially here in Ohio, new technology and automation are forcing workers to build new skill-sets.

Reskilling workers will be essential for future economic growth and I look forward to highlighting the benefits of vocational education.

I was also glad to see some Ohio based Honda workers in my DC office to hear their perspective and concerns. As many of you know, I worked as a mechanic in a dealership to pay my way through college and went on to eventually own a Chevy dealership – before the government took it away from me. I know that many blue-collar auto workers back home are concerned about their jobs, their wages, and their families. So am I. I have consistently fought to protect American jobs, grow our exports, and make sure that goods made in Ohio have a fair and competitive chance. Glad these guys made the trip to come and visit my DC office and looking forward to hearing more.

This week my staff also met with the Ohio Corn and Wheat Association to talk about the importance of finishing the 2018 farm bill. This past Wednesday, I was pleased to vote in support of going to conference with the Senate on the 2018 Farm Bill and I hope that Congress can quickly send a bill to the President’s desk to sign into law.

I was able to sprinkle in some media as well. You can watch my clips  HERE.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I appreciate you allowing me to connect with you each week. 

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