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Good Morning,

Last week was one of the more important weeks for me here in Congress. After spending the last year working with Congressman Mark Meadows, we have introduced the Opioid Abuse Deterrence, Research, and Recovery Act. This legislation takes a critically important step in preventing new addiction by limiting initial exposure to prescription opioids. While the opioid epidemic is far widespread and prevalent, data and our understanding of the epidemic is still rather sparse.  This bill requests the Government Accountability Office to look into how we have gotten into the mess we are in today. Additionally, we encourage the Food & Drug Administration to develop prescription opioids that cannot be crushed or snorted and abused or diverted. You can read the bill here.

Watch last week's highlights here.

Media Mashup

Fox News ran my opinion piece detailing a bill I dropped last week called: The Opioid Abuse Deterrence, Research, and Recovery Act. My hope is that this will help combat the opioid crisis at a federal level and jump start finding long lasting solutions. Read the full piece here.

On Wednesday, Rep. Meadows and I spoke with Varney & Co. on Fox Business about our new legislation and provide an update on Tax reform.  You can view the segment here.

Rep. Meadows and I held a Facebook Live to discuss our new opioid bill. It was a great way to engage with our constituents and thank them for all the input they provided which helped craft this legislation You can watch the event here.

Washington Wrap Up

I was pleased to see the House pass legislation that would reauthorize the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Brownfields Program. This program helps communities across the country revitalize land that has been contaminated with hazardous material. Former Congressman Ralph Regula was a leading advocate on behalf of this program, and I was glad to see the House overwhelmingly support this program.

I was glad to host Dr. Daly from the American College of Surgeons and Stephen Mullenix from the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs at my weekly Bipartisan Working Group meeting to discuss the state of play of the opioid epidemic and what role we can all play in helping those struggling in the abyss of addiction. I want to thank Case Western University for having me speak at their briefing on combatting the opioid epidemic. I was glad to share what I have learned from my Opioid Working Group back in Ohio and the importance of having a support system and how our communities are often most effective in combatting this epidemic.

Also last week, my tax counsel and I conducted meetings and teleconferences to explain variations between the House tax reform bill and the current Senate draft.  We spoke with individual constituents, real estate industry representatives, manufacturers, state headquartered insurers, and economic development & community revitalization experts.

District Doings

Last week, my district staff conducted multiple interviews for the Veterans History Project with the help of retired teacher and constituent Susan Deitrick, who has recently become impassioned about sharing our veterans' stories.

Working Women Wednesday


Each Wednesday, I like to shed a light on fantastic women and their career accomplishments in our 16 th District.  Last week, I posted a spotlight on all of the fantastic businesswomen that have been included over the past five months.  As I continue to feature the superb women of our district and their accomplishments, I invite you to nominate someone you know to be featured. Please send all nominations to Thank you.

As always, thanks for allowing me to represent the 16th district in our nation’s capital. 

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