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Click here or the image above to watch Renacci’s strong support

Click here or the image above to watch Renacci’s strong support

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Members of Congress heard strong support for a long-term solution to our nation’s infrastructure crisis during the Ways & Means Committee hearing on the Highway Trust Fund.

As the former mayor of Wadsworth, OH, Renacci understands the need of a long-term solution to a problem that affects not only Ohio’s communities, but communities across the country.  In an effort to find a long-term, commonsense solution, Renacci is the lead author of the bipartisan legislation, Bridge to Sustainable Infrastructure Act, which ensures Congress funds our transportation infrastructure for at least 10 years.  

“Today’s hearing highlighted the urgent need to sustainably address our federal infrastructure programs,” said Renacci. “It is clear from the experts on today’s panel that short-term solutions that continue to put the burden of paying for the roads we use today on the backs of our children and grandchildren is unacceptable.  Each of the witnesses agreed that our highways and bridges are in need of continued investment, and a user-pay, user-benefit solution is the most effective.  That investment will dry up without action from Congress, which is why I continue to believe the bipartisan Bridge to Sustainable Infrastructure Act is the best solution to fixing our deteriorating roads and bridges, once and for all.”

Our national infrastructure system is utilized by families traveling to work and school as well as businesses transporting goods.  Subpar and sometimes dangerous road conditions are commonplace for many drivers in Ohio and across the country, which is both a safety concern and a challenge for our economic growth.  With over 125,000 miles of roads, Ohio has one of the largest and most utilized roadway networks in the United States – as well as being the lifeline for Ohioans to travel to work and bring families together – and over 40% of Ohio’s roads are in critical, poor, or fair condition, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

The committee heard testimony from Chad Shirley, Deputy Assistant Director of Microeconomic Studies Team and the Congressional Budget Office;  Robert Poole, Director of Transportation Policy and Searle Freedom Trust Transportation Fellow, Reason Foundation; and Bill Graves, President and CEO of American Trucking Association.

Unless action is taken to reinvest in our failing infrastructure, the long-term cost to our economy and taxpayers will be devastating.  We cannot afford to continue to kick the can down the road.



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