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Rep. Jim Renacci (OH-16) issued the following statement regarding a potential vote in the House of Representatives later this week on a budget deal:

“For the past several weeks, Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan have engaged in negotiations in order to reach a budget agreement and I praise them for their efforts. It is now apparent that the plan they have nearly finalized may come to the House floor for a vote during the last days of the first session of the 113th Congress.

“While I am pleased that Congress has taken steps toward a budget agreement, I have reservations surrounding the process itself and the details of the plan. At the start of the Budget Conference Committee’s initial meeting, I joined my colleagues in issuing a bipartisan call for the group to proactively implement comprehensive transparency measures. Unfortunately, the process has lacked the transparency we were hoping for. As a result, should the Conference Committee’s plan require a vote on the House floor this week, my colleagues and I will not have the opportunity to fully consider the provisions within the agreement prior to voting for it, making it just another last minute deal that is rammed through Congress without regard for its potential consequences. It is undeniable that our budget process is broken, and this must change.

“Americans don’t need another Washington gimmick. Americans need a long-term budget agreement that addresses the drivers of our $17 trillion debt, reforms our broken tax code, reduces our excessive spending, and works toward a balanced budget. Families must live within their budgets, and it is time that the federal government does the same. I look forward to fully reviewing the plan developed by the Conference Committee, but at this point I am not optimistic about the process or the substance of the agreement.”

The Renacci Report

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