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This morning, Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) participated in a hearing with the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs as the committee opened its doors to all 435 members to speak out on Veterans issues that are affecting their district.

Last year, Renacci, along with his colleagues on the Bipartisan Working Group, introduced the Accountability for Quality VA Healthcare Act, a package of bipartisan legislation that touches on everything from making sure our VA facilities have the qualified nurses they need to be successful to make sure our facilities are safe and secure.

“There are over 50,000 veterans living in my district – and thousands more in each of yours – who deserve the very best for the sacrifices they have made for our country,” said Renacci. “This bipartisan package will push forward key reforms to help take care of our Veterans once they return home.  It’s the least we can do.”

The Accountability for Quality VA Healthcare Act is currently being reviewed by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

View Rep. Renacci’s full statement here.

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