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Yesterday, Congressman Jim Renacci, along with Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and other members of Congress, led a letter to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt urging decisive action on implementing the previously approved “electric pathway” within the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). This would help accelerate investment in anaerobic digestion technology at agricultural sites across the country.
This implementation of anaerobic digestion technology would enable Ohio farms to use manure productively and mitigate runoff, generate significant cost savings, and produce additional revenue for farmers. 14 existing agricultural sites and a future 164 more in Ohio would potentially benefit from this technology, which would support an additional 1500 permanent jobs in member states.
“Maintaining a thriving and healthy Lake Erie is important for the communities of northern Ohio, and the electric pathway is a win-win for farmers and our environment. Farmers can generate additional revenue through the generation of renewable energy while mitigating agricultural runoff that can contribute to algal blooms in Lake Erie,” said Renacci. “The electric pathway makes it more affordable and easier for Ohio farmers to protect the environment like they want to.”
"Ohio dairy farmers are environmental stewards who care greatly about the quality of their air, land, and water,” said Scott Higgins, CEO, Ohio Dairy Producers Association. “We appreciate Rep. Renacci's and Rep. Kaptur’s efforts to urge the EPA to activate the electric pathway which could facilitate greater adoption of helpful on-farm technologies that deal proactively with air and water quality concerns.”
"We want to thank Congressman Renacci, Congresswoman Kaptur, and their colleagues for working to improve America’s rural economies and keep our nation’s land and water productive and healthy,” BTR Energy released in a statement. “Today they joined a growing group of bipartisan Representatives urging the EPA to implement the RFS “electric pathway” in a way that allows American farmers to benefit in 2018. This important program will support new jobs and mobilize investment in dairy and other livestock operations in Ohio and around the country, and will reward farmers for protecting local water and soil quality."
With the EPA’s approval, Ohio farmers and the surrounding environment stand to benefit both environmentally and economically from this decision.
Read the full letter HERE.

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