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Washington, DC — Tomorrow at 10 a.m., Rep. Jim Renacci (OH-16) and Rep. Bill Johnson (OH-6) in a joint visit will tour Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center located in Portage and Trumbull Counties in Ohio.

The Congressmen will tour the Ohio National Guard weapons training facility and the proposed missile defense site as the arsenal is under consideration by the Department of Defense as a primary ground missile defense location for the Eastern United States.

“Leaders and business groups across Northeast Ohio are supporting the effort to bring the East Coast Missile Defense site to Camp Ravenna, and I certainly have made my support crystal clear,” Bill Johnson said.  “A new missile defense site is more strategically important than ever in a world with emerging threats like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea - and I’m glad President Trump is serious about taking all steps to defend our homeland. I will continue to impress upon the Department of Defense that Camp Ravenna is uniquely suited to host the East Coast Missile Defense site. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s visit with my colleague, Congressman Jim Renacci.”

“Ohioans have always been ready to step into action and support the defense of our nation. Camp Ravenna has a strong history dating back to World War II of contributing to the national security of our nation, and working with the MDA to enhance the base for missile defense will continue to be a top priority of mine,” said Renacci.

Renacci has long supported Camp Ravenna being the primary missile defense site on the East Coast. On three separate occasions, he has sent letters to Department of Defense officials in support of the arsenal base being considered for this mission and its ability to keep our nation secure.

You can read the full letters below:

Letter to Secretary of Defense, Hon. James Mattis.

Letter to Lieutenant General Samuel Greaves, Director of Missile Defense Agency.

Letter to Vice Admiral James Syring, Former Director of Missile Defense Agency.

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