I had the honor to rise in support of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Fixing our tax code is important to all Americans, from entrepreneurs to business owners to families to everyday Americans trying to make ends meet.

While there are many stories I can tell you to describe the headaches of our tax code, I’ve never forgotten about a young entrepreneur starting out in the world three decades ago. This 24-year-old decided to start a business in Ohio, so he borrowed money and hired some people. As his business grew, he didn’t take a paycheck and continued hiring hardworking, middle-class Americans. But he reached a point where he couldn’t hire any more because of the tremendous tax bill owed to the federal government. The 24-year-old was me 30-some years ago.

Keep in mind that I happen to be a certified public accountant (CPA). Over time, I was able to figure out a way to grow my business instead of watching it die within the suffocating grip of our tax code. But it wasn’t easy. And things are even harder today than they were when I was starting out. It’s time for change.

This Legislation will help jump-start our nation’s economy and pave the way for growth. According to the Tax Foundation, the House tax bill would create more than 900,000 jobs over the next decade. This means more opportunities and take-home pay for Americans.

As a CPA and member of the tax-writing committee, I’ve made it my mission in Washington to fix our broken tax code. The American people deserve better than the status quo. It’s time we give citizens the tax code they need to compete and prosper in the 21st century.

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