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Washington, D.C. - Congressman Renacci led a letter along with 19 other members from both sides of the aisle in Congress to Speaker Ryan and Leader Pelosi requesting a delay on the implementation of 340B cuts before the end of the year.

The 340B program has been critical in supporting our safety-net providers in helping low income and vulnerable individuals across the country access affordable and comprehensive health care services.

This past year, I have advocated on many occasions the importance of protecting our most vulnerable and frail patient populations by requesting a reconsideration of these cuts that CMS is making. While I acknowledge the concerns of the growth in spending in this program and lack in transparency, the across-the-board cuts that CMS is making will disproportionately affect our nation’s safety net hospitals and potentially put our patients at risk.  

With the cuts set take effect in January, a delay in the rule is a compromise to allow Congress to have time to examine the program while delivering relief to our safety-net hospitals.  

Read full letter with signatures HERE 

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