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Rep. Jim Renacci (OH-16) today released the following statement after voting in favor of the House Republican Fiscal Year 2015 Budget:

“We are facing a spending-driven debt crisis that threatens our national security and the very future of this country. If we want to pass on a better America with more opportunities to the next generation, we must act now and make the tough but necessary choices to address it. I was proud to support the House Republican Budget, a plan that will balance the budget in 10 years by reining in excessive spending, tackling the drivers of our debt, strengthening retirement security, and instituting a fairer, simpler tax code. A balanced budget will lead to more jobs, increased opportunity, a healthier economy, and ultimately a stronger America. Families in Ohio’s 16th District and across the country are forced to live within their budgets, it is time that the federal government does the same.”

The Renacci Report

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