As I travel throughout Ohio’s 16th District, I consistently hear from small businesses and families who are deeply troubled by Washington’s spending spree and its blatant disregard for our country’s fiscal sustainability. I, too, remain gravely concerned, and reining in the growing national debt is one of the very reasons I came to Washington. I believe that we have a fundamental responsibility to our children and future generations to pass on an America with greater opportunity and more freedom.

At this time, we are facing a $17 trillion debt that not only threatens our national security, but the very future of this country. In 2012, our country spent $3.5 trillion, a debt that has doubled in just five years – and under the current course, will only get worse. Baby boomers are retiring every day, health care costs are rising, and Medicare and Social Security are nearly broke. There is no question that spending is driving our debt, and 48 percent of that debt is owned by foreign entities.

Getting our country back on track should not be a partisan issue. It is critical that we find common ground and now is the time to act together. I will continue to fight for a balanced budget by reining in excessive spending, tackling the drivers of our debt, strengthening retirement security, and instituting a fairer, simpler tax code. Families must live within their budgets, and it is time that the federal government does the same so that we can ensure our children and grandchildren have even greater opportunities and inherit a stronger, more sustainable America.

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