Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) applauds the Bipartisan Working Group for inviting the Comptroller General to provide a summary of our nation’s financial health.

“This morning the Comptroller General came to speak before BPWG, urging legislators to address our federal government’s fiscal failures,” Renacci said. “Many important government programs like, Social Security, Medicare, and the PBGC face a troubling financial future. These are not Republican or Democrat issues, these are American issues and Congress must work together to solve these problems.”

The BPWG introduced legislation that would require the Comptroller General to present the U.S. financial statements to a joint session of Congress – ensuring that all Members of Congress and the American people realize that many important federal programs face funding shortfalls. This legislation received over 160 co-sponsors in the 114th Congress and the group is hard at work to build further support this Congress. In part due to the group’s efforts, the Budget Committee is having the Comptroller General testify before the House Budget Committee to discuss the nation’s fiscal health.

The Bipartisan Working Group was founded by Congressman Renacci in 2011 and currently co-chairs the group with Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-WA). The BPWG includes both Republican and Democratic lawmakers who share the belief that fostering interparty collegiality can lead to meaningful legislative partnerships and tangible results. Today, the BPWG consists of over 20 members, evenly divided between the two parties, who meet once a week while Congress is in session. It has proven to be a successful vehicle for bringing legislation to the floor and garnering support for bills from both sides of the aisle.