Agriculture is the backbone of our state’s economy and one of the most important economic drivers in the 16th District, which is home to more than 5,000 farms including organic fruit and vegetable growers, traditional row crops, and dairy farmers. In addition to traditional farming, the 16th District is comprised of many processors, packagers, and grocery and restaurant outlets that all rely on a thriving agriculture industry. These products not only feed the nation, but provide food, fuel and fiber across the world.

The agriculture industry is facing numerous overly burdensome regulations that are threatening our farmers’ ability to remain competitive and productive in the 21st century. I consistently hear from farmers in my district about the need to reduce Washington’s red tape, bring down the cost of fuel, and keep taxes low.

I recognize that farmers and ranchers’ well-being and ability to remain competitive rely on bountiful lands, healthy livestock, and a Federal Government that acts as a partner instead of an adversary. I will continue to be a strong advocate for Ohio’s farmers and understand the importance of ensuring that they have the tools they need to produce a stable and affordable food supply. Please check back for updates on my work pertaining to agricultural issues.

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